NEWCOMERS (First time attending Asutil´s Conference)

To register, go to: http://conferencia2015.asutil.org/registration/

If you are registering for the first time to Asutil Conference you will be asked to provide a username.

We suggest you to use your first name and last name as follows: e.g. sam_smith

After you register on line, you will receive an email asking you to confirm this username and to provide your password in order to access to future information that will be only available to Asutil´s conference delegates.


RETURNING DELEGATES (Asutil 2010 - 2014 attendees)

In case you have already been a delegate to previous conferences, you should already have a username and a password.

To register, you won´t need to complete the on-line form all over again.

Go to: http://conferencia2015.asutil.org/registration/

Enter your email (same than used last year) and click on “SUBMIT” bottom right side.

You will receive an email with a link which will lead you to the registration form already completed with your information.

Just make sure that all the information (contact details) is still accurate and confirm the registration by clicking in “SEND”.

From now on, this procedure will remain the same for next conferences.



If you don´t remember your password, follow the next instructions:

Go to: http://conferencia2015.asutil.org/

1) Click on “LOGIN”, top right side.

2) Click on “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” bottom left side.

3) Enter your email (same than used last year) and click on “SEND” bottom left side.

You will receive an email where you will be asked to follow the instructions so as to reset your password.

If you want to receive more detailed information regarding this please send us an email to conferencia@asutil.org